We’re off to Poland!

25 February 2015

One month and two days after deciding to move into Box, we were ready to go to our first destination. We chose to go not too far from Berlin, as we still wanted to test the car a little bit and travel with as low stress as possible. Just a 200 km drive away, we picked Polish Wolimierz as our first destination.

2015-03-12 18.02.33 2

Wolimierz is a tiny rural village in the South of Poland with a disproportional high concentration of cultural and ecological projects. We stayed at Stacja Wolimierz: an old train station that hosts a yearly cultural festival, events and workshops and even a puppet theater. In exchange for helping out with maintenance in the house we could stay there for free. We arranged this through the awesome website Workaway.info. We took this opportunity to test-live in Box 418. We slept in the van, while using the facilities of the station. As the living part of the car was not functioning yet, this was the perfect set-up!


Our first challenge was the cold. It was around -5 degrees Celsius at night and the van did not have a heater, nor was it isolated. After a few days Boef came up with a good plan. The station was heated by wood ovens and there were a lot of firebricks laying around. He started putting firebricks in the oven in the morning and taking them into the van at night. Thanks to the hot bricks we did not freeze anymore.

volkswagen t3 interior

After 2 weeks at the station it was clear to us how much still had to be done to make Box 418 a dream mansion. Fixing electricity, the water system, the gas system, isolation and heating are all things we’ll have to learn about and invest in in the coming months. We will be learning by doing and improving while moving.


And in Wolimierz we also painted a huge 3D dragon in the kitchen, refreshed/discovered our snowboarding skills, went on a bacon hunt in the only shop in town and photographed some cool signs. Thank you Wolimierz!! 


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