Sites we like

On this page you can find links to websites we enjoy to use ourselves: blogs we like to read, resources we use and people we met on the road.

Vanlife Bloggers

Other blogs about vanlife we enjoy to read

Westfalia Digital Nomads

Armando and Melony are digital nomads traveling around Europe in their Volkswagen T4 since three years! Our paths have not crossed yet, but until we meet we’ll just enjoy their blog full of tips about van life and making money online.

Vandog Traveller

Mike converted a normal van into an amazing house by himself. We have been reading his blog from the moment we decided to move into a van ourselves. He has many great tips (and even an e-book) about van conversion.

Digital Nomadz

The first digital nomads I ever heard about. Thanks to their blog Valine learned that it was possible to live from online work. Steven and Diana cross the globe with their Volkswagen T2 and are now even digital nomad parents :)


Websites that make our life on the road easier


We use Workaway to find places to do volunteer work in exchange for food and board. This comes handy when we want to stay longer in one place, or if we are broke…


GoWesty is the webshop for everything related to Volkswagen campers. Besides every car part thinkable, they offer an online library full of links and videos about repairing and upgrading your van.


Valine has been doing freelance work via Upwork since 2 years now. She started as a translator English-Dutch, but now does all kind of translation, content writing and SEO-jobs, all via Upwork.

People we met

Websites of people we met on the road

Biz Evde Yokuz

We met Duygu & Bilgehan in Romania on the Transfagarasan highway while shooting some photos of the scenery. Their blog is about all kinds of experiences, adventures and trips in Turkey, Europe and the rest of the world.

The Niggs

When we saw the Land Rover-turned-into-camper of Shami and Rita on a campsite in Bucharest, we were impressed right away. They are on a long overland trip all the way to South Africa. Hopefully we will follow their path some day

Ursul on Tour

On a parking lot in Tulcea, Romania we suddenly had new neighbors. It were Pierre, Theresa and their sturdy camper Ursul. We talked for hours and Valine got little jealous of their spacious house on wheels. Check out the photos of their trips on their Blog

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