This is exactly how I imagined Greece..

(except for the blades of ice on the trees)

We spent the last 3 days in a small Greek village called Ntamouchari. A village that is full of tourists in summer, but completely abandoned in winter. To get there, we passed a mountain road. On top it was so cold that the trees had some kind of ice blades on them!

Once on the other side Ntamouchari was everything I imagined Greece to be: there were olive trees, lemons, tangerines and pomegranates growing everywhere, crystal clear waters and rocky beaches. Too cold to swim, but perfect to look at. (Of course we could not resist swimming anyway…now we know :))

Just enjoy the photos of beautiful Ntamouchari!

Olive trees, clear blue water and uhhh….icey blades on the trees? Our first days in Greece in pictures…

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