A ‘little’ moment of panic…

28 May 2016

Do you see the huge canyon on the header photo above? Wouldn’t you stay as far as possible from the edge when driving? Well…I would. Obviously, this is Valine writing.

Crom on the other hand thinks it’s sooo funny to go just a bit too close to the edge. And of course it’s only funny when you secretly film the reaction of your passenger….right…that was me….

I have to admit…even though I’m embarrassed about my elastic face and my ridiculous behaviour, this video is actually really funny. Just take a look for yourself :)

And now I’m going to hide my head under the blankets for a while until everyone is done laughing.


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  1. Comment by Cece

    Cece Reply 1 February 2018 at 15:18

    Not funny at all. Cliff edges that look solid, can and do, give way. Often.

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