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This is exactly how I imagined Greece..

Olive trees, clear blue water and uhhh….icey blades on the trees? Our first days in Greece in pictures…

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On a farm in Slovakia

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From Poland to Czech Republic

Box does not go fast. In fact, he goes only 80 kms per hour. This means that when we are driving on the highway everybody passes us. Cars, busses, trucks…everyone. It feels kind of sad. On our trip from Wolimierz to Prague we decided therefore that we should just try to avoid highways. They are boring […]

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We’re off to Poland!

One month and two days after deciding to move into Box, we were ready to go to our first destination. We chose to go not too far from Berlin, as we still wanted to test the car a little bit and travel with as low stress as possible. Just a 200 km drive away, we […]

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About dreaming without plan and finding the perfect van

So how did this adventure start? This all began when we met in Brazil, about two years ago. We were having a conversation and somehow the subject of living in a van came up, according to Valine that was her dream since she was a teenager. I had dreamed about it myself, but never really […]

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