Wild camping in Croatia

Wild camping in Croatia, is it even possible? We came from Serbia, where wild camping is very easy and pretty much accepted everywhere. About Croatia however, I read different stories. Wild camping, especially at the coast, would be totally illegal and impossible. Of course we wanted to see if this was true 🙂 Wild camping […]

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Finding Liberland…

Since 6 weeks we have been stuck on a river bank in Serbia. The place is filled with mosquitos, we have to bathe in the ice cold Danube every day and the WiFi is horrible. Yet we are not leaving any time soon. Why? A new country is being created here and Box and us are part […]

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5 Safety tips for sleeping in a van

The best thing about living in a van is that we can go anywhere we want. When we like a place, we just bring the car there and spend the night. This is a great luxury to us. However, living in a van is not all glitter and glamour. A Few things must be considered by anyone […]

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From Poland to Czech Republic

Box does not go fast. In fact, he goes only 80 kms per hour. This means that when we are driving on the highway everybody passes us. Cars, busses, trucks…everyone. It feels kind of sad. On our trip from Wolimierz to Prague we decided therefore that we should just try to avoid highways. They are boring […]

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We’re off to Poland!

One month and two days after deciding to move into Box, we were ready to go to our first destination. We chose to go not too far from Berlin, as we still wanted to test the car a little bit and travel with as low stress as possible. Just a 200 km drive away, we […]

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