Are you a Winner or a Snoozer?

“Some are born to move the world to live their fantasies But most of us just dream about the things we’d like to be” Lyrics by Rush – “Losing it” What could be the cause of the difference between these two groups of people, between the ones that live their fantasies and the ones that […]

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van in winter

Living in a van in winter: The ultimate guide

Living in a van in winter is one of the bigger challenges for van dwellers like us. Van life seems so romantic. We all know the images of vans parked by the beach, with their doors wide open, camp fires and beautiful views. And those moments are amazing.. …but unfortunately only possible when the weather allows […]

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shower vanlife

8 ways to shower when you live in a van

How to shower when you live in a van? A lot of people ask us this question and the question has many answers. No, Box does not have a shower on board, so we are forced to be a bit more creative when it comes to our personal hygiene. In this post we tell you how […]

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magura cave

Belogradchik Rocks!

Once again we arrived in a country without any plan. As we crossed the border from Romania to Bulgaria we had no clue of where to go, except for….south. As I usually do in these kinds of situations, I scan Google maps for an area with lots of green and curvy roads. Usually that means […]

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Inside Box: The grand tour!

We have shown so many photos of Box on the most beautiful locations: high mountain roads, on stunning coast lines and in fields of flowers. But we have to be honest. Most of out time we spend on the inside of Box. This is where we sleep, cook, eat, work and even spend most of […]

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Turda Salt Mine

Is it an underground space station? The set of a science science fiction movie? What comes to your mind when you see this scene? Well…it’s nothing like that. On this photo you see a part of the Turda Salt Mine: just an underground theme park located in a 300 year old salt mine 😉 We read […]

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Driving the Transfagarasan Road

A few months ago we read about the Transfăgărășan Road on the website of Vandog Traveler, a fellow vandweller. His story about this road was so exiting (he saw a bear!!) that we really wanted to drive this road as well. After some more research we found out that this is one of the most […]

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