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We saw Puffins!

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A Volkswagen T3 van to live in: pros and cons

We have been living full time in our Volkswagen T3 for about two years now. When we bought it, we did not research about living in a van much. We knew we wanted to drive from Berlin to Morocco, that we wanted a van that we could sleep in and also take some extra passengers, […]

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The 5 biggest challenges of being an online freelancer

After publishing my previous articles about Online Freelancing and making a Perfect Profile on Upwork, I got some reactions. People told me that it’s impossible to get jobs on Upwork: the rates are too low and the competition too high. On social media I see many posts of people trying to get started with online […]

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How to visit Stonehenge….for free?

As you might have seen on our travel map, since a few weeks we are in the U.K. And of course we can’t leave the United Kingdom without having seen the famous highlights, like Stonehenge! On our way from London to Bristol we suddenly discovered that Stonehenge was on our way, and of course we […]

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upwork profile

Tips to create a killer Upwork profile

Since about 3 years I have been earning my full income by doing freelance jobs via the platform Upwork. This has allowed me to travel with my backpack through Brazil and Colombia, to live in Lisbon, Paris and The Netherlands for a while and now to fulfill my dream of living in a van! Many […]

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A ‘little’ moment of panic…

Do you see the huge canyon on the header photo above? Wouldn’t you stay as far as possible from the edge when driving? Well…I would. Obviously, this is Valine writing. Crom on the other hand thinks it’s sooo funny to go just a bit too close to the edge. And of course it’s only funny […]

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Driving through a salt lake…

When planning our route from Cappadocia back to Istanbul, Valine saw an interesting thing on Google maps: a huge white lake. But even better: when zooming in, there was this tiny line right through it. ‘That is the route we’re going to take!’, she said. And so it happened. We drove right through Tuz Gölü, which literally means […]

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How to go to the toilet when you live in a van?

Since we are living in a van we have been asked a lot of questions. Both from people we meet on the road, and from followers of our blog. We noticed that there are a few questions that keep coming back. The questions: “How do you make your money?“, “Where do you take showers?” and “Don’t you […]

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Online freelancing: How to get started?

How can we afford to travel all around the world non-stop for this long? Did we save up money for years? Do I get welfare money from the Netherlands? Do our families support us? Well…no…. I am simply working to make a living, just like most people. The only difference is that for my work I […]

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van in winter

Living in a van in winter: The ultimate guide

Living in a van in winter is one of the bigger challenges for van dwellers like us. Van life seems so romantic. We all know the images of vans parked by the beach, with their doors wide open, camp fires and beautiful views. And those moments are amazing.. …but unfortunately only possible when the weather allows […]

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