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Negative reactions to your travel plans: how to deal?

Are you planning to travel by yourself, or even to quit your job to travel long term? You must be very excited about your decision! Unfortunately you might also face some negative reactions. As long-term travelers we know that the people around you are not always as positive about your plans. Have you already heard […]

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Are you a Winner or a Snoozer?

“Some are born to move the world to live their fantasies But most of us just dream about the things we’d like to be” Lyrics by Rush – “Losing it” What could be the cause of the difference between these two groups of people, between the ones that live their fantasies and the ones that […]

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The Tunnel of Love: a truly hidden spot in Romania

Today was our first day in Romania, so far it seems like a latin version of the balkans. The Tunnel of Love is our first destination here. We attempted to get to Romania yesterday, but the border crossing of our choice (Jasa Tomic/Foeni) was only open from 7:00 to 19:00. We left Novi Sad in Serbia […]

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About dreaming without plan and finding the perfect van

So how did this adventure start? This all began when we met in Brazil, about two years ago. We were having a conversation and somehow the subject of living in a van came up, according to Valine that was her dream since she was a teenager. I had dreamed about it myself, but never really […]

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