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We are Crom and Valine and we are Livin4wheel!

In February 2015 we decided to buy an old Volkswagen T3 camper and to start living in it. We both had been traveling for a long time and had already freed ourselves from most of our stuff and our houses. So, it was a logical and even luxurious step to start living in our new car.

IMG_20150206_171514Us, just after buying our new home

After we bought the car, we hit the road right away and start driving eastwards from Berlin. You can see our route so far here. While on the road, Valine is working as a freelance communications manager. So wherever there is WiFi and an electrical outlet, she can do her work and earn money for fuel and bills. Crom is very handy and offers his skills to campsites, cultural centers and farms in exchange for a free parking spot and food for the both of us. This way we can continue our adventure as long as we want.

On this blog we want to take you along on our trip, but most of all we want to give you tips on livin4wheel yourself. Many people tell us that it’s their dream to travel in an old camper. Well, we can show you just how to do it. On our blog you can find tips about van life, good sleeping spots for campers, tips on T3 adjustment and maintenance and tips on earning money while traveling or travel for free.

Also you can check out Valine’s other website WifiCafeGuide, to find the best spots with WiFi and coffee. And don’t forget to follow Livin4wheel on Facebook!

More about us

Our Skills

This is the work we do while on the road! Are you curious, or do you want to work with us? Read on!

Us in the Media

Along our journey different websites and even TV stations have reported about us. Here you can see everything!

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