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We are Crom and Valine. Since February 2015 we are fulltime living and working and in our red T3, called Box. We don’t consider ourselves travelers, but we are just living! Living on 4 wheels, while exploring the biggest backyard in the world. You can read more about us and how we started this lifestyle here.

We feel like we made the best decision ever by moving into a van. This is living…livin4wheel! And we would like to help you to start livin4wheel too. Whether you want to travel more, escape the rat race, start to be a digital nomad or even move into a van yourself, we want to help you with that! Just scroll down to see how.

Get to know everything about life on the road

Inside Box: The grand tour!

We have shown so many photos of Box on the most beautiful locations: high mountain roads, on stunning coast lines and in fields of flowers. But we have to be honest. Most of out time we spend on the inside of Box. This is where we sleep, cook, eat, work and even spend most of […]

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shower vanlife

8 ways to shower when you live in a van

How to shower when you live in a van? A lot of people ask us this question and the question has many answers. No, Box does not have a shower on board, so we are forced to be a bit more creative when it comes to our personal hygiene. In this post we tell you how […]

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Check out our maps

To help our fellow travelers we are keeping two up to date maps. On our Sleepin4wheel map you can find our favorite free camping spots so far.

On our route map you can always see where we are now. Maybe we are close…Want to meet up?

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